INSERT* It really does make cleaning fun and easy! *

Not only will your glass and mirrors NEVER steak, but all of your surfaces will shine like never before.  This cloth polishes as it cleans because it doesn’t leave any dirty film residue from cleaners or water spots behind.  These tiny fibers are 200 times thinner than human hair.  This allows all kinds of dirt and oil to be trapped and absorbed.

Use ONLY WATER when cleaning.  WET IT, WRING IT OUT, WIPE your surface and WALK AWAY.  It’s that simple!  It cleans better than chemicals!  Enjoy going from surface to surface instead of cleaner to cleaner.  Say “good-bye” to window spray, polishes, harsh chemicals and paper towels.  This means a healthier environment and a healthier you!   SAVES TIME AND MONEY!!

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Machine wash separately (to avoid picking up lint) with detergent or bleach.  NO fabric softener.  Air dry.

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